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​Damn, 'Pokémon Go' Now Has Less Than 2 Stars in the App Store

Players are really not happy they can no longer track nearby pokémon.

by Victoria Turk
Aug 1 2016, 5:55pm

Image: Aitor Serra Martin/Shutterstock

Oh, how fickle fandoms can be. Pokémon Go, the craze that swept the globe, finds its user ratings in the UK and US bashed down to below two stars in the iTunes app store after recent updates peeved players big-time.

The 1.5 star rating in the UK App Store is based on just under 1,000 ratings that specifically refer to the current version of the game, the majority of which give it a measly one star—the lowest rating. The game also has just 1.5 stars in the US version of the store too. Across all the game versions, the average rating in both countries is now three stars.

A screenshot of the ratings in the UK app store

Why the fall in favour for the game that took the world by storm less than a month ago? Fans have been pissed at Pokémon Go developer Niantic since an update on Sunday removed a buggy tracking feature that allowed players to find nearby pokémon. The company also brought down third party apps which displayed where different pokémon spawned, leaving little for players to use to track their favourite monsters.

Ratings in the Google Play store show a four-star average, but recent one-star reviews reveal players aren't happy with the effect this has had on the gameplay. "Do you expect me to walk aimlessly around an area larger than 6 football fields in under 6 minutes for a Pokémon I can't even track?" a reviewer named Dustin Clowers wrote on Monday. "Get your head out of your asses and realize what made this game great. Nobody wants to sit around catching birds and rats. Enable tracking through app and third party, or consider your 5 minutes of fame over."

Another reviewer, Thomson Lee, echoed this sentiment: "What a joke. Tracking was a main feature in this game as it allowed us to hunt for nearby pokémons that we wanted."

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