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According to Our Fitness Trackers, That Debate Was Stressful AF

I asked people on Twitter how high their heart rate was during the debate.

by Ankita Rao
Oct 20 2016, 1:58pm

You might think Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" just gave you a little jolt. But our fitness trackers, from FitBit to Apple watches, have captured a more telling trend: the debates have us stressing big time.

I asked Twitter, and did a little bit of scoping, to see how people wearing heart rate monitors fared during the debate. Here's a sample:

From @mattjcoley: "The peaks at 9 and 10:45 [are] when I walked to/from where I watched the debate. During the debate it was between 91 and 97 bpm." His normal range is in the mid-60s (resting), and up to around the low-80s at work.

From @atulbutte (during the second presidential debate): "My Apple Watch detected an elevated heart rate and just reminded me to breathe."

From @McMoxy: "I'm Canadian and got this stressed! It's not even my election."

From @WhitniH: "Pitiful"

As we pointed out earlier this week, these heart rate stats probably aren't exactly right, but we're clearly freaking out quite a bit. The good news? We're only 18 days away from the end.

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