These Are the Craziest Dog Grooming Photos You'll See Today

Look at these fly-ass pooches.

by Tayler Smith
Apr 13 2017, 4:00am

These photos were taken last Sunday during the Creative Grooming Challenge at the annual Intergroom trade show in New Jersey. It's a chance for dog and cat groomers to get together and check out the latest sheers and shampoos and such. Creative grooming is what it sounds like—elaborate, over-the-top displays of talent, technique, and dog-safe dyes that result in not only insane looking animals but also sets and performances that have taken months to prepare.

Nicole Beckman took first place in the Novice Division, and Angela Kumpe won the Legend Division. Congrats to them and also congrats to you for clicking on this and scrolling down. 

All photographs by Tayler Smith. You can follow her work here.