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We Can Confirm Drake Is Still Here Because that Wizkid Collab Finally Got a Proper Release

It's called "Come Closer," not "Hush Up The Silence" as first thought.

by Lauren O'Neill
Mar 31 2017, 2:00pm

Thought Drake was going to shut up did you? Thought More Life, finally, was a well-judged, almost graceful step aside after literal years in the limelight? Well, you were half right. Because though it seems as though we won't be seeing any more new music from the Taylor Swift of rap until 2018 (as promised on More Life's final track "Do Not Disturb") obviously he's found a loophole. Because returning in 2018 doesn't necessarily mean that Drake can't feature on new songs, technically, does it?

To this end, he's shown up on the Wizkid track that premiered on OVO Radio early last month, originally thought to be called "Hush Up The Silence" but actually titled "Come Closer." It's a fun mid-tempo jam, and it has now been released as a single, and for your information I'm still not over the line where Drake talks about how a girl's hair smells. Listen below, feel super chilled, and accept that despite what he says, Drake ain't going anywhere:

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(Image by Drew via Wikimedia)

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