Facebook Is Still Selling Your Information

Just when you thought that Facebook was only a movie, the popular social network announced plans to open up its users' personal information to third-party apps, websites and marketers.

Mar 1 2011, 7:40pm

Just when you thought that Facebook was only a movie, the popular social network has redoubled its efforts to open up its users’ personal information to third-party apps, websites, and marketers. The announcement came back in January with an expected lack of publicity, but Facebook rescinded the idea three days later after users got pissed. But as the Huffington Post reported on Monday, Facebook figures what the hell, and are pushing forward anyway.

Naturally, users felt uncomfortable about the idea of Facebook giving out their private information. But what about the option of not publishing your phone number or address on Facebook in the first place? As the Guardian points out, not listing your number and address won’t necessarily keep your data out of their new expanded social graph.

“Whoops, my bad, I hope you don’t mind Farmville calling you during dinner.”

If you have a smart-phone with contact sync or even a friend with a smart-phone, the feature has got your data. Your number is linked to your profile, whether you put it there or not.

If you have a phone and your phone gives you the option to “call, text, email, go on Facebook, etc.” go here and find out who’s in your facebook phonebook. That’s what third-party apps and sites have access to now.

Nothing has been spelled out in detail yet, which is worrisome. However, with these new parameters set, if you simply log on to a heavily Facebook-integrated website, they’re able to pull up your Facebook registered address and phone number.

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