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COTE Delves Into the Dark Side of Optimism on "Cruel"

Loneliness regret, and going against your gut provide the lyrical grist for this promising Brooklyn singer.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jan 18 2017, 4:22pm

There are occasions when writing about music feels like a moot endeavor. What do you wanna read? That her voice is so warm and welcoming you wish it was a cloud you could recline on? Sure. Brooklyn-based singer COTE has, in previous songs like "Green Light," showcased a Stevie Nicks-ian quality, but on "Cruel," premiering below, COTE goes full on dream-pop. It's a swoon song suspended in the same galaxy as Beach House or Mazzy Star.

"'Cruel' focuses on the darker side of optimism and the consequences that follow," explains the singer. "Loneliness had left me vulnerable and willing to ignore my gut instincts. Going against the warning of those closest to me, I had returned to a relationship that was never going to work, despite my best efforts to control it. It was a frustrating and hurtful time that in many ways, I was responsible for. I wrote 'Cruel' in the aftermath of these mistakes—choices that I still regret, but have been able to learn from. After all the back and forth, I was left disillusioned but ultimately felt angrier at myself than anyone else."