Controlling A Song's Sequence With Vertically Arranged Shapes

<p>Two designers in Bangalore created a controller that&#8217;s a lot more fun to look at.</p>

Apr 23 2012, 5:42pm

It seems like every other day, we come upon a new interactive way to create and mix music, leaving behind the days of staring at a strip of LEDs rising and falling and trading up for a floating screen that looks like it was used to control Predator’s spaceship before being re-appropriated as a DJ controller.

Ankkit Modi and Rudransh Mathur created the physical component of Conductive Orchestra using a Kinect sensor, a projector, and Thermocol shapes, and implemented the idea using Processing and Mad Mapper. The end product is essentially a vertical screen bearing an array of shapes, each of which represents one element of the musical composition. Gesturing over a shape triggers it to jump in time with the rest of the parts.

Like Beatsurfing or projection mapping onto turntables, Conductive Orchestra pushes music production in a direction that makes it a more intuitive process, and perhaps more importantly, making it more fun to watch someone do. As soon as items like this become available commercially, there will be no excuse for a producer to take the stage armed only with a laptop.

Below, see an early test of this project.


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