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'Disco Dog' Is Challenging Our Preconceptions About Light-Up Shirts, Weiner Dogs

This is basically Kickstarter page ipsum.

by Michael Byrne
Mar 15 2015, 7:20pm

"​Finally, your dog can party with you! Introducing Disco Dog—The smartphone controlled LED dog vest." So advertises the Kickstarter page for the Disco Dog project, which is currently seeking $15,000 in funding to assist in, "moving from high-quality prototypes to high-quality final products." Disco Dog has raised just over $3,000 since going live on Friday, which is money that could have been burned for heat, used in a paper mache project, or to line the crate of a new puppy.

So, it pretty much has to be real, and the campaign comes courtesy of Party, a slick-looking "creative lab" based in New York and Tokyo with advertised clients including Intel, Google Japan, and Sony. I guess we could classify it under that increasingly ubiquitous part of tech/internet culture that is simultaneously the thing and the parody.

My dog carries water and sometimes food in a dog backpack, so maybe this is just, like, the urban cool person version of that. I have no fucking idea.