Giphy's New GIF Creator Is Wonderfully Simple

Zero to GIF in under sixty seconds.

by Rachel Pick
Oct 20 2015, 6:01pm

Image: Rachel Pick/YouTube

Giphy, a popular site for GIF enthusiasts, has just launched its own GIF making tool.

Giphy has been around for a while as a GIF search tool and a sort of GIF maker community, so it makes perfect sense that it would become a space to create GIFs as well.

For those who have used Imgur's GIF maker before, Giphy's offering is basically the same: you drop a YouTube link into the tool, pick your start and end points, and Giphy spits out a GIF that you can download to your computer or share directly on a number of social channels.

Here is a GIF I made with the tool. It's of Drake getting owned on Degrassi. (I had to optimize it to meet our site's file size limits; the original was higher-quality.)

Here's another, of my dog Ripley on her first bike ride.

Image: Rachel Pick

In today's GIF-saturated web, these GIF creators are valuable, fun resources, whether you're a blogger, a tweeter, or a teenager on Tumblr. GIFs have become so popular that questions about ownership are even starting to pop up, as when the NFL got Deadspin and SB Nation Twitter accounts suspended for posting GIFs of NFL games.

But for now, you are limited only by what's on YouTube, so go forth and GIF like crazy.