If Neu! Made Progressive House, it Would Sound Like R. Seiliog

Somewhere between Krautrock and the rave, you'll find this talented Welshman.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Oct 29 2014, 2:00pm

Little-known Welshman Robin Edwards crafts propulsive soundscapes, the likes of which will have electronic music nerds setting their laptop keyboards ablaze in a flurry of enthusiasm when his album Hz is released December 2nd on Turnstile. His music sits in that dance-adjacent space, fueled by strong backbeats and deep tonal textures that sink and sway over time.

We've got the premiere of "Mt. Essa," perhaps one of the more immediately palatable tracks on his forthcoming album. It's beautiful, with a touch of the sinister lurking about under all those pretty synth tones. It's Seiliog's ability to layer all these seemingly disparate sonic and emotive elements into a cohesive product that is most exciting about his creative output and it got us feelin' all wavy-like.

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