A Massive Drone Circus Is Coming to Amsterdam

We're buzzing about the forthcoming drone choreography extravaganza.

by Beckett Mufson
Feb 13 2015, 10:45pm

In a trailer that looks like it was ripped straight out of Tron, a Dutch company called Fjurze just announced that they're working with the Dutch Royal Airforce to put on a stadium-sized drone circus called AIR. Inside the Amsterdam Arena, a choreographed spectacle of drones will be dancing, performing illusions, and even racing each other live. In the trailer, the visualizations show a true spectacle of quadcopter aerobatics backed by pounding bass, flashing lights, and cheering crowds—it's a lot like the exact opposite of John Cale and Liam Young's drone performance, save for the drones. 

"In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects," the AIR website promises. "AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones." 

As of now, Fjurze projects the show will be ready for its debut later this year. Like the drones themselves, we're buzzing.

Screencaps via

To stay updated on the AIR drone circus, visit Fjurze's website.

Via NLTimes


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