The Making-of an Infinite Space, a Living Wall, and a Heat-Responsive Chandelier

For The Creators Project's upcoming Future Forward event series, we take a sneak peek at the art installations inspired by the innovative technology of the all-new Prius.

May 18 2016, 1:50pm

Gearing up for our month-long Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius, The Creators Project team goes behind the scenes with the commissioned artists as they craft their interactive installations.

The rule of three is a principle that things that come in threes are more satisfying and effective in conveying a message. Two things recognize a trend while the rule of three makes a trend into a legitimate cultural statement. In curating the themes and projects for Future Forward, The Creators Project honed in on the cultural touch points that are increasingly important to us in the creation of art and culture. They are: smart design, homage to eco-consciousness, and a consideration for how we implement personal technology in our everyday lives. The Future Forward event series and installations allow us to imagine our future relationship with machines while venerating the human ingenuity behind technological advances. Below we offer short teasers that allow our artists to speak to their projects as they begin to set them into motion.

Doris Sung's Drift

Here is a sneak peek at the making of Doris Sung's kinetic chandelier, titled Drift, an installation inspired by the innovative technology of the all-new Prius. Get to know how thermobimetal, the sculpture's responsive material, works, and what Sung's build out process has been like in anticipation of the kickoff event.

VT Pro Design's Reach

We get a chance to see what goes into making a true "hybrid" installation: VT Pro Design's responsive living wall, titled Reach. The piece expands on ecco-heritage values found in the all-new Prius. Inside VT Pro's LA studio, they show us how they've been able to create a sculpture that responds to human movement. It is driven equally by technology and by the integration of living plants.

Nonotak's Hoshi

Takami Nakamoto and Noemi Schipfer, the duo known as Nonotak Studio, take us inside the process of making Hoshi, an infinite space that echoes the precise design of the all-new Prius. We get a glimpse into how this immersive experience comes together, starting with a playful and experimental process to learn about our own limitations with dimension and perception. The duo employs engineering and impeccable design to create a memorable sensation.

The Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius will take place in three cities: in New York on June 4th, in Chicago on June 18th, and in LA on June 25. We will be posting full-length behind-the-scenes video profiles leading up to the kickoff event in New York City. RSVP for the Future Forward event series here


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