Video-Game Kings GM Rejects the Deal the Actual Kings Accepted for DeMarcus Cousins

The algorithms operating 2K Sports' NBA 2K17 video game prevent you from pulling off the DeMarcus Cousins deal.

by Dave Brown
Feb 20 2017, 8:14pm

The consensus reaction to the Sacramento Kings trading DeMarcus Cousins has been one of shock and incredulity. Almost no one likes the deal that Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé and GM Vlade Divac made for Cousins, who is considered one of the more talented if also more rancorous players in the NBA.

So one-sided is the perception of Sacto's deal with the New Orleans Pelicans—for rookie Buddy Hield, former Kings guard Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and this year's first- and second-round draft picks—that it wasn't even considered a fair trade by one of the most respected computers in NBA circles: the algorithms operating 2K Sports' NBA 2K17 video game.

The video game must fail to reflect Cousins' ability to accumulate 19 technical fouls already. (In fairness, he's only been ejected once.) Cousins says he is working on getting better at dealing with officials and the consequences of their calls against him. It's either Boogie's tendency for emotional outbursts that the video game doesn't take into account, or it's the potential for Hield that few see:

Steph Curry, of course! When will these video games learn?