Yasiel Puig is Getting a Helicopter

Yasiel Puig is going to shorten his commute.

by Sean Newell
Feb 25 2016, 6:06pm

Step aside Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig is here to up the ante in game day transportation. Puig has dropped some bread crumbs that this might happen—his recent posts on Instagram are very heavy on helicopter pics and vids—so TMZ tracked down celebrity customizer Alex Vega to see whether Puig was actually going to get a helicopter. According to Vega, who also worked with Cespedes on his various land-bound vehicles, Puig is definitely getting a chopper.

"You've seen him post it all around, It ain't just for fun, he's buying one and he's already called me a couple times, we're gonna do the interior and I might even put some wheels on that."

Back in 2010 we learned that fellow Los Angeles athlete Kobe Bryant used a private helicopter to get to work in order to avoid traffic, and it appears Puig is going to try the same thing. In the past, Puig has been benched and fined for showing up late to the ballpark so this could be a career/bank account-saving thing, or it could just be a "well, it's pretty awesome and I can do it" thing.

I'd say it's a "well, it's pretty awesome and I can do it" thing.

It sounds like Vega's shop is ready to roll on customizing it so it's a good bet Puig has already procured the helicopter and, who knows, maybe we get to see him arrive in style for Opening Day. There is certainly plenty of space in the Dodger Stadium parking lots.


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