Josh Donaldson Went Bowling in a Thor Costume to Celebrate His Birthday

The Bringer of Rain continues to deliver more MVP moments.

by Chris Toman
Dec 9 2015, 3:45pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports Canada.

Need more proof that Josh Donaldson is the best?

The Toronto Blue Jays' All-Star third baseman and American League MVP had a costume-themed party at the bowling alley to celebrate his 30th birthday. He dressed as Thor and it was predictably awesome.

Being the true gentleman that he is, the Bringer of Rain and good times apologized to the real Thor for stealing his alias for a night.

Syndergaard, of course, fired back with a fastball of his own.

Good chemistry from the two. And to think they could have been teammates if the... Ah, forget it.