Ticket Prices for the Yankees' Derek Jeter Night Are Through the Roof

The Yankees are gouging fans on Derek Jeter Night. On Mother's Day, no less.

by Patrick Sauer
Feb 22 2017, 8:12pm

Photo by Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Derek Jeter? Used to play shortstop for the New York Yankees?

Of course you do. He was the greatest player to ever wear pinstripes bar none... is the kind of thing Yankee mooks who are going to pay $155 to sit in the bleachers on Derek Jeter Night say.

Jeter will get the full Yankee retirement ceremony the night of May 14—Mother's Day—against the Houston Astros. And fans are going to pay through the nose to witness the Captain's laundry being taken out of the Bronx rotation, now and forever. According to the New York Post, the bleacher seats were going for anywhere from $140 to $155. That is a 604 percent increase over the same seats for the April 13 game against the Tampa Bay Rays. And that's at the team website, mind you, not StubHub. Even there, the markup is drastic. The usual lowest price anywhere from $10 to $14, On Jeets Night, it's $109.

There was a Mastercard pre-sale today on the Yankees site that has since sold out. General tickets go on sale Monday, but a Tickemaster rep said they could not check the prices yet.

Yankee Stadium is a gouger's paradise, but in fairness, the team was the last to add institutional robbery varied ticket pricing as a common practice. Fans could probably catch all of the April games for the cost of watching Jeets wave, turn, wave some more, and then walk off the field. But hey, it's not every day the Yankees retire their 21st number, thus eliminating all the single digits into perpetuity. Derek Jeter, No. 1 in your hearts, No. 2 in the little plaque park you have to pay $20 to tour on off-days. (And only $48 to add a Hard Rock Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese!)

The rest of us poor suckers will have to read about the riveting retirement soiree in The Players' Tribune.

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