That Time Miguel Herrera's Club Team Got into a Nutso Brawl With the Jamaican National Team

Miguel Herrera's former club team in Mexico got into a wild brawl with the Jamaican National team during a 1997 friendly.

by Sean Newell
Jul 27 2015, 12:32am

Jamaica and Mexico are facing off in the Gold Cup Final in Philadelphia right now and it's as good a time as any to watch this crazy-ass brawl between the Jamaican National team and Mexican National team head coach Miguel Herrera's former club team, Toros Neza. Herrera was a player on the club in 1997 when they played Jamaica in a friendly and shit got real, real heated. We're talking brandishing-giant-sticks and throwing-rocks heated.

It seems a hard tackle set one of the Toros Neza players off and all Hell quickly broke loose. There was some shoving, then punching—at one point a guy in the background gets absolutely clocked by a blindside clothesline to the head—and then out came the weaponry.

As you can see in the GIF, Herrera pops up briefly in the video. That's him wearing the number four jersey and generally being the tiny ball of fury that he is while brandishing a stick as various members of the team try to hold him back.

Many thanks to @PedroUnplugged for pointing this out.