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Get Your Hand into Traffic Signs and Jake The Rapper's "Cookie Jar"

Practically edible electro straight out of Berlin.

by Josh Baines
Mar 16 2015, 3:25pm

Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings isn't a label normally associated with frivolity, topless dudes, and sugary sweets. Until now.

Released under his Traffic Signs moniker, Bug has teamed up with Berlin mainstay Jake the Rapper on the playfully sweet-toothed "Cookie Jar," a track as tasty as the freshly opened pack of Chips Ahoy you used to binge on after school. Story has it the pair met over ten years ago and always hoped to collaborate at some point in their fruitful careers. Jake remembers: "At the beginning it wasn't even a straight beat. It sounded like Miami Bass or something like that. But we liked the style of it, so I recorded the lyrics at my studio in Kater Holzig. I sent them back to Steve and he put it right on the track. It was pretty easy-peasy."

Once you've gotten over the swirls and jiggles of Jake's stomach, courtesy of directors Ben & Julia, you might start wondering what he's actually on about. It turns out like the ever-expanding plethora of confectionary that litters our cupboard, the possibilities are nearly endless: "Originally I heard the lyrics "put your hand in a cookie jar" in another house track," Jake describes. " I was playing the song in 2013, and stuck with the idea of using this line as a set of lyrics. It's up to you what the cookie jar really is."

Whatever it all means, we love it. If you find yourself wondering who exactly dropped their hand in that magical vat of sweets, it was probably us. Finders keepers!

Cookie Jar is out now on Poker Flat. For more information on the EP head here.