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We Spent 72 Hours With Chuckie

The Dirty Dutchman is surprisingly down to earth for being such a global superstar... as we found out when we jetted with him to Vegas and beyond.
November 26, 2013, 10:00pm

If you love dance music, you already know how awesome it is that we got to hang out with DJ Chuckie—because chances are if you live in a decent-sized city that has a big nightclub, he's played there. The "Dirty Dutch" DJ/producer plays 300 gigs every 365 days, and says he flew more miles than anyone else in the game last year. So in anticipation for his Canadian Heineken Green Room tour, we documented the life of EDM's ultimate road warrior as he caught a private jet to Vegas for his monthly residency at Marquee before heading up to Canada to launch the tour in Calgary. Frankly, he's got more energy than we do —keeping up with Chuckie's life is no joke. We're exhausted and terrified of the next time we run into a globetrotting EDM DJ like him.

This episode—the first of two parts—covers everything from Vegas' ballerific big-name DJ lifestyle to the surprisingly awesome (and obviously chillier) Calgary party scene. Turn up the sound for this one.