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Photos of the Mud-Soaked Mess That Was TomorrowWorld 2015

Visual proof of why the festival was nicknamed "Mudville."

by THUMP Staff
Sep 29 2015, 2:20pm

When bad weather besieged the second day of TomorowWorld 2015, many guests were stranded without a way to leave the festival grounds. According to some attendees, what resulted was a nightmarish ordeal on Saturday night involving sleeping in mud, paying hundreds of dollars for an Uber, or hiking through the woods to leave the event in one piece.

How TomorrowWorld Became an Epic Disaster Of Near-Riots and Looming Lawsuits

While the majority of ticketholders were denied re-entrance the following day, with some attempting to rush the gates, campers who remained on the grounds were able to enjoy day three of the festival, dancing to acts like Armin Van Buuren, Laidback Luke, and Martin Garrix while surrounded by and stacks of hay intended to soak up the mud. Below are exclusive pictures from within the festival grounds, snapped on Sunday afternoon by a photographer who was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to be on the right side of the gates. Ultimately, TomorrowWorld doesn't look all that far off from your typical mud-soaked festival, making the company's decision to deny non-camper ticker-holders entry all the more perplexing.