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Let Lauren Lane Take You Through an Idyllic Week in Her Life in Ibiza

The New York-via-Los Angeles house DJ's sunset snaps and party regiment will give you the best kind of FOMO.

by Lauren Lane
Jul 7 2016, 7:35pm

All photos courtesy of of the artist.

The Summer season in Ibiza is one of the most important nodes in the world of international dance music. As DJs and clubbers from all around the world descend on the White Isle, the year's musical identity is defined through all-day beach parties, all-night sessions at clubbing meccas, and secret jungle parties tucked into leafy enclaves.

To get an inside look on what's it like right now in Ibiza, we've invited some of our favorite DJs to bring us along on a week in their life on the island, in a series we call White Isle Journals. This week, we welcome LA-via-New York DJ /producer Lauren Lane, who shares how Ibiza prompted her to pursue a full-time career in DJing, as well as a week in her life on the island.

"I came to Ibiza for the first time in 2008. At that point I was DJing in local clubs in NYC, and going to Ibiza definitely changed my whole opinion of music and club culture. At the time I thought NYC was the whole world and then my mind was blown after I experienced the island. I planned to stay for one week and eventually I made it home about a month later. I knew from that point on I only wanted to DJ and produce music and that there was no possible way to go back to my "old life." A lot has changed since then on the island. That first year DC10 wasn't open and a lot of the clubs were focused on more commercial sounding dance music. Things have evolved quite a bit now and tech-house and deep-house have a much more substantial footing. This makes me happy considering that's the music I love.


There are so many amazing things about living in Ibiza that sometimes it gets a little overwhelming because there's so much to do and so many friends around. My week usually starts on Sunday when I go to Rumors to hear Guy Gerber & friends. Some weeks I play, other times I go just to hang out and catch amazing music in a beautiful outdoor venue. Afterwards we either go to Heart or just hang at a friend's place. Mondays I try to get some productive things accomplished then go to Circoloco or possibly just relax if I can resist the FOMO. Tuesday I like to go to a beach or on a boat ride to Formentera. Some of my favorite beaches are Aguas Blancas and Cala Comte, which is great to watch the sunset.

This past Wednesday I played at Paradise at DC10. I spent most of the day going through music and getting ready to play on the Terrace. Jamie Jones has created one of the best parties on the island there and it is an honor to play with so many talented artists. The night was a lot of fun and after we went by The Martinez Brother's place after to hang with friends.

Thursday I spent time resting a bit and celebrating my friend's birthday on a boat. We went by the "magic rock" on Es Vedra for Sunset and it was beautiful to see the sun sink perfectly between the two rocks. When the boat returned to the port we enjoyed a walk around Old Town where Dalt Villa is. That's the charming old area of the island that looks like a castle. There are lots of shops and restaurants to sit and people watch there. On Friday we went to a late lunch at the legendary Fish shack and then for a refreshing swim in the sea by Talamanca. After we got ready to go to Blue Marlin for dinner/party followed by Music On with Marco Carola at Amnesia. This Saturday I play at Ants at Ushuaia which is the biggest outdoor venue in Ibiza. Besides taking in the beauty of the island I'm really looking forward to all of my upcoming gigs this summer at Rumors, Paradise, Ants, Abode and El Row.


Chaim is a talented DJ and producer and I always appreciate his tracks. This one is perfect for early in the night, sunset or sunrise set. It is really perfect for Ibiza in general. Each track on the EP is ideal for a different part of the evening. Saved, as a label, is always pushing ground breaking artists with a vast array of styles and I'm honored to release my music on Saved as well.

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