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Nunu Announces Debut EP and Shares Single Exploring Human-Machine Intimacy

"Punani" is off his forthcoming 'Mind Body Dialogue' EP.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jun 14 2016, 5:15pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

French producer, Nunu, has announced his debut EP for Los Angeles's Astral Plane imprint, titled Mind Body Dialogue, and shared its discomfiting yet serene lead single "Punani." Scaffolded by insectoid dribbles of blurred tone and the busted clang of industrial machinery, it centers itself in the interplay between a daydreamy arpeggio pattern and a pummeling, rapidfire machine rhythm.

Astral Plane boss Gabe Meier, who has conversed extensively with artist (who doesn't speak English) via Skype, explained to us via email that the EP is rooted in ideas about AI and popular culture, as well as the intimacy between humans and machines. Speaking specifically to "Punani," he said, "Without getting too literal, [it] is a representation of that relationship, in an emotional, tactile and sexual sense."

The Mind Body Dialogue EP will be out July 1.

Swiss producer Shalt brought artificial life extension to the club on his debut for the label, and before that, Berlin and London-based producer Soda Plains produced a track for their Psychotropia compilation influenced by Vlach magic and the Roman empire.

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