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Rival Consoles Pays Homage to the Legacy of Minimalist Composition with Striking New Single

"Johannesburg" is off the artist's forthcoming mini-album on Erased Tapes, 'Night Melody.'

by Alexander Iadarola
Jul 25 2016, 6:40pm

Photo by Lenka Rayn H.

London producer, Rival Consoles, has shared the gorgeously flighty second single from his forthcoming mini-album Night Melody. "Johannesburg" finds the producer evoking a sense of unpretentious, awestruck clarity, tapping out a melange of minimalist pattering via synths and drum machine and letting it jam in extended duration.

Ryan Lee West told THUMP via email that the track was initially sketched on a tour of South Africa. "After playing it around some of the cities, I got a lot of inspiration to bring it to life and push it into something that really moves me," he said. "I think this is one of my most colourful pieces of music, with its driving rhythm and almost a homage to Terry Riley's 'In C' towards the end, with a build of very simple, hypnotic parts. I especially love that for over five minutes the piece is tied to just one note. This makes the ending very dramatic, because all of a sudden there is this harmonic change."

Last year, the label released a record by the world's fastest pianist (who can play 19 notes a second!).

Night Melody will be out August 5 on Erased Tapes.

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