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Chino Amobi, Dedekind Cut, and Rabit Evoke Cathartic Pandemonium on New Single

"Negative Fire" was released today as part of Adult Swim's Singles Club series.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 21 2016, 7:42pm

Single artwork courtesy of Adult Swim

NON WORLDWIDE co-founder Chino Amobi shares a blistering new track today with his label affiliates Dedekind Cut and Rabit in "Negative Fire," released as part of Adult Swim's Singles Program. Announcing itself with an ensemble of marching band drums, the track develops in familiar Amobi via an assemblage of chaotic sound effects—glass shards, an ambulance's siren, an alarm—alongside rhythmic synth samples and a spoken word vocal. The mood of the track evokes unnerving pandemonium at the same time as a real kind of catharsis, and it's available to download for free from Adult Swim's website.

Back in February, Amobi spoke to THUMP for the inaugural edition of our Spotlight series highlighting exciting young artists. He was also recently one of 10 graphic designers who recently spoke to THUMP about how they're changing the way club culture looks.

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