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Crew Love Launch Their New Label With a Funky House Anthem from Soul Clap, PillowTalk, and Greg Paulus

Stream "Love Train," while you wait for the 11 track full-album from the collective of BFFs .

by David Garber
Feb 3 2016, 8:20pm

Crew Love, the Brooklyn-based collective of artists that includes Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, PillowTalk, Slow Hands, No Regular Play, Nick Monaco, Navid Izadi, and Life on Planets, is a true family—albeit one that's kind of wacky and prone to all-night, booze-infused shenanigans. While the group's two founding duos have long had their own respective labels for releasing music (Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb Records) the whole family is finally starting their own collective label, aptly named Crew Love Records. Their debut release will be an album featuring the whole collective, Crew Love: Based on A True Story, due on February 26.

Including 11 tracks from all the Crew Love members—some in solo-form and others in collaboration—the album's press release promises "eight musical masterpieces about smoking pot, ex-girlfriends and of course, TRUE LOVE." Before the LP drops, the guys have hooked us up with a stream of vocally-driven house anthem "Love Train" which features Soul Clap, Pillowtalk, and No Regular Play trumpeter Greg Paulus. Give a listen to its sing-a-long house grooves below, as well as a quote about the track's construction from Soul Clap's Lonely C below that.

"The energy in the room was electric when 'Love Train' was being made," Soul Clap's Lonely C tells THUMP. "It was three days into our Crew Love jam session at Redbull Studios and we had really hit a stride. We had the initial chord progression going and things started to sound like that classic piano house feel, then I suddenly sprung up from the couch I was sitting and started to play this infectious bass line. Sammy D (of Pillowtalk) then ran into the vocal booth and started singing "Riding on the Love Train"... everyone went nuts and hurried into the booth joining him. On both sides of the glass the whole crew was getting down, it was a family affair and we knew we had our new anthem!"

Crew Love: 'Based On A True Story' will be released on February 26, distributed via !K7 Crew Love. Pre-order here.