All photos Marko Knezevic

The VICE Guide to San Francisco

America's most beautiful city is in the middle of a wild transition.

Apr 1 2016, 2:36pm

All photos Marko Knezevic

San Francisco is America's most beautiful city. At least that's what people say all the time, and it maybe still is, on the outside. Where else in the country can you find a bazillion adorable homes that look like they were blueprinted by five-year-olds? Or watch fog billow over 80-degree steep hills? Or find the beach, the woods, and an internet porn studio within the radius of a few miles?

On the inside, though, its rebellious heart is being gnawed away by big money. That's also why now is the best time to come. You're observing a city in the midst of a wild transition. There's a version of the culture war happening here on just about every corner that is palpable. It's fascinating to observe, and it's so essential to experience the lingering spirit of what San Francisco was while it's around.

One day soon, most of the colorful old shops and people, those loveable die-hards who fought with so much heart and so much weirdness to make the city something close to paradise, will probably be wiped out or priced out. For now, some gems remain. Get here fast.


It's hard to keep track of neighborhoods when you're in San Francisco. The city is tiny (seven miles by seven miles, 7x7), but hungry realtors keep cutting it up into more and more micro-neighborh