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Someone's Been Doing Coke in the Bathrooms at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

But who's to blame? Taking everything into account, Cho Chang seems like the likeliest of suspects.

by Carlton Férment
Jun 22 2016, 4:10pm

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Between blaming young people for being crushed to death at soccer games and trying to convince you to vote to leave the EU with photos of the Queen bearing down on you disapprovingly, the Sun is out there getting the scoops of the century. The latest on the list is its discovery that the bathrooms of the Harry Potter studio tour in Hertfordshire, England, contain traces of cocaine. Yep: that bathrooms have allegedly been used to do cocaine.

After they managed to find traces of coke at the Chelsea Flower Show, the Sun sent one of their intrepid journalists to another locale of seeming serenity, armed with their wet wipes of truth. The surface of the wipes shows up any trace of showbiz sherbet with a blue mark, and apparently the toilets in the reception area came out particularly blue.

It's fun to imagine a bunch of Harry Potter fans heading to the studio tour and smashing lines to get them extra hyped up to see Hedwig's corpse, or whatever, but considering those fans are mostly children, that doesn't sound like the most likely scenario.

The Sun hasn't ventured into the realm of trying to work out more likely scenarios, which is slightly disappointing, but props to them for the pun game, which—as ever—is highly on point. Say what you will about the paper—and there is a lot to say—but "Snyffidor" and "Snorticulture" are very solid gags.

Photo by Karen Roe, via