Photos of Sweaty Romanians Roasting in the Summer Heat

It's been hot as fuck in Romania this summer with temperatures hitting 95°F before noon. Photographer Ana Topoleanu hit the streets of Bucharest to capture folks as they try to stay cool.

by Ana Topoleanu
Jul 31 2016, 4:00am

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania

Romania has been having a hellish summer. Temperatures have hit 95°F before noon on some days. There's no way to escape the heat or avoid sweating like a pig. I live in Mexico and I've never had to deal with such oppressive weather. But what's been interesting to me is the unique beauty of Bucharest that this unbearable heat has managed to bring out as people find creative ways to deal with these high temperatures. To capture Romanians trying to stay cool, I hit the streets of Bucharest with a camera and a bottle of water and took the following pictures.