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Stream Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan's Gilded LP 'Take It, It's Yours'

Katy from La Sera and Greta from Springtime Carnivore took their fave punk, post-punk, and hardcore tunes and gave them a surprisingly natural facelift.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Aug 15 2016, 1:56pm

Look at these guys! It's hard to handle their cute. For those who aren't familiar, that's Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore on the left, and Katy Goodman of La Sera on the right. They're pals whose honeyed vocals shroud a melancholy heart that beats in tandem with every pulse of romantic sadness you've ever experienced. Despite being busy with their respective main projects, the girls decided to lay down an LP of covers just for fun. As we mentioned when we premiered their video of Gun Club's "Sex Beat"—we don't normally fuck with covers because the world is full of artists making awesome original music, these ladies included—but there is something utterly beguiling about this collection. Covering everyone from Bad Brains to The Misfits to The Stooges—the pair are pulling from the rock 'n' roll canon, stripping the songs of their male bravado and adding a gauzy feminine haze to songs you might normally shove to (or maybe that's just us). Well apart from Blondie's candied 80s classic "Dreaming" which was already pop perfection. Here it gets a uke rework. Elsewhere Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" is castrated of its swagger and turned into a sonambulant piano ballad that'll break your heart… and Lana's. Man, you never, EVER heard The Stooges sounding like this!

"This was the most spontaneous record I've been part of making: It felt like it brought itself into existence," explains Greta. "Many of the artists we covered on
Take It, It's Yours have been renewable sources of inspiration over the years and stepping inside their songs has only expanded my love and appreciation. I'll always look at this record as a celebration of this era of our lives, plus the deep friendship between me and Katy."

Katy added: "I am beyond stoked about this record. It was insanely fun to conceptualize, arrange, and perform. I had always tried to imagine what a dream pop hardcore punk record would sound like, and I feel like we achieved the dream. Working with Greta was exciting and inspiring. I hope everyone hears the hard work and immense joy that went into making this album."

You need to hear them purring "I ain't no Goddamn sonofabitch." Listen to the fruits of their friendship and their A+ good taste below, plus catch the girls playing with their respective bands and together on tour this fall.

La Sera x Springtime Carnivore x Greta & Katy Tour Dates

10/07: Glasshouse - Pomona, CA

10/08: The Hideout - San Diego, CA

10/09: Valley Bar - Phoenix, AZ

10/10: Meow Wolf - Santa Fe, NM

10/12: Sidewinder - Austin, TX

10/13: Club Dada - Dallas, TX

10/15: Firebird - St. Louis, MO

10/16: High Watt - Nashville, TN

10/18: Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

10/19: Pinhook - Chapel Hill, NC

10/20: Song Byrd - Washington, DC

10/22: Mercury Lounge - New York, NY

10/23: Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY

10/25: Brookline Teen Center - Boston, MA

10/26: Mohawk - Buffalo, NY

10/28: Silver Dollar - Toronto, ON

10/29: El Club - Detroit, MI

10/30: Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL

11/01: Lost Lake - Denver, CO

11/02: Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT

11/03: Holland Project - Reno, NV

11/04: Swedish American Hall - San Francisco, CA

11/05: Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles, CA

Take It, It's Yours is out via Polyvinyl Records on August 26th

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