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Chelsea Manning Could End Up in Solitary Confinement For Possessing the Caitlyn Jenner Issue of 'Vanity Fair'

Other accusations against her include disrespect, and using expired toothpaste.

by Mike Pearl
Aug 12 2015, 11:29pm

Image via Flickr user Matthew Lippincott

Chelsea Manning, the 27-year-old former Army soldier imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks for delivering a huge cache of classified information to Wikileaks, now faces possible charges that could get her stuck in solitary confinement indefinitely, sources close to Manning told The Guardian. Possessing the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair is one of the rule violations.

Vanity Fair wasn't the only controversial piece of literature. Manning apparently possessed other "prohibited property," including a short story collection about trans men called A Safe Girl to Love, Pakistani female education activist Malala Yousafza's memoir I Am Malala, at least one copy of Out Magazine, the issue of Cosmopolitan that she was interviewed for, and, for good measure, a printout of the Senate torture report, which was unclassified in 2014.

Some of the more routine prison rule violations being alleged include disrespect, disorderly conduct, and tossing food on the floor. One supposed incident of disrespect simply stemmed from saying "I want my lawyer," according to her lawyer.

There are also reportedly oddities like "medicine misuse," which, Manning's lawyer says, refers to her use of some toothpaste that expired earlier this year.

Manning has already clashed with the military prison system. Nearly a year ago, she filed a federal lawsuit saying that denying her hormone therapy for her diagnosed gender dysphoria is a violation of her constitutional rights. For a brief time, being allowed to wear women's underwear was the military's only concession to her transgender rights, but earlier this year, she was granted hormone therapy, and in March, military personnel were formally forbidden from referring to her with male pronouns.

The site has issued a petition demanding that the military drop the prison charges against Manning. It also request that her disciplinary hearing on August 18 be opened to the public.

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