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Some Jamoke Is Trying to Rickroll People with Fake Parking Tickets

A prankster in Asheville, North Carolina, is giving out fake tickets that link to a certain Rick Astley video. Unfortunately, this has not been funny for years now.

by Helen Donahue
Mar 7 2016, 5:30pm

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Since Friday, Asheville, North Carolina, has been terrorized by bogus $100 parking tickets getting stuck under car wipers across town, a local ABC affiliate reports.

The prank tickets look like regular parking fines—except they're a bit bigger, have incorrect dates, and charge ten times the normal fine. There's also a QR code, which is odd for a parking ticket but seems like a theoretically decent idea that would make paying them way easier. Unfortunately, the QR code actually just directs you to a YouTube link of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

That's right: Some prankster, in the weirdest city in the state, is going to the trouble of distributing bogus parking tickets in an effort to Rickroll people about eight years after the world collectively stopped thinking that was funny.

Then again, maybe this is a thing some Asheville residents have yet to experience.

Parking Services Manager Harry Brown tells ABC 13 that "it was kind of surprising to go to a link to a YouTube video. When I went to it, it was featuring some rockstar that, uh, I didn't know who it was." One citizen even went to the courthouse in a noble attempt to pay the ticket before realizing she'd been had.

But the prank is really pissing people off—one tourist from Atlanta called the caper "atrocious" and "a waste of time."

Asheville authorities are still searching for the unidentified hooligan. They can only charge the mystery meme-ster with littering, since recycling lame, old-ass memes isn't a criminal offense—yet.

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