An Actor Who Played the Red Power Ranger Allegedly Murdered His Roommate with a Sword

Ricardo Medina Jr. is being held in jail on a $1 million bond, according to a press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

by Allie Conti
Feb 2 2015, 3:50pm

Photo via Flickr user Nathan Rupert

Cops are saying that Ricardo Medina Jr., who used to play the Red Power Ranger on TV, murdered his roommate over the weekend.

According to a press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the altercation took place around 4 PM on Saturday in Palmdale. Medina, who is 36, apparently got into an argument with the victim, Joshua Sutter, before retreating into his bedroom. When Sutter tried to force his way into the room, Medina allegedly delivered a fatal blow with a nearby sword to the man's abdomen. Then the actor called 9-1-1 and submitted himself to an interview. Medina is being charged with murder is being held on a $1 million bond, according to the press release.

Those familiar with the the original iteration of the showMighty Morphin' Power Rangers, which ran from 1993 to 1995—probably associate the Red Power Ranger with Austin St. John, but since then, there's been a whole mess of reboots and sequels. The version of the show that Medina Jr. was on—Power Rangers: Wild Forceaired in 2002 and featured a cast of nature-loving rangers squaring off against an evil force caused by pollution. (Their main opponent was Master Org, a dude who kind of looks like Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans with a horn on his head.)

This isn't the first time a former actor from the Power Rangers scene has been wrapped up in a murder investigation. In 2008 Skylar Deleon, who once appeared as an uncredited extra on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, was convicted of murdering three people—a man he met in jail and a couple—in order to steal some money and a yacht.

Medina's IMDB page indicates that he had stints on two other Power Ranger shows as well as appearances on CSI: Miami and ER, though it seems like his career has come to an abrupt end.

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