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M'smen Is a Delicious Blank Canvas

Pack it with fresh, local ingredients, or whatever the hell is in your fridge.

by Munchies Staff
Sep 21 2017, 7:00pm

Thin, flaky, and buttery bread has many names across the globe.

Whether it's dosa, crepe, or barbari, it's a blank canvas for fresh, local ingredients. In Morocco, it's called m'smen and it's topped with a whole range of sweet and savoury ingredients.

The classic topping is honey with butter, though apricots, Nutella, and jam are common. Boom! Breakfast is served. More into salty? In Tangier, you can get m'smen stuffed with meats, fish, and vegetables, or with finely-chopped beef confit, which sounds awesome.

This recipe is courtesy of MUNCHIES contributor Daniel Shkolnik, who fell in love with the "astonishing versatility" of m'smen after walking away from the Tangier souk with about five pounds of bread.

RECIPE: M'smen

Whip up a warm batch and put whatever you want inside. But we can guarantee that you won't regret having foldable bread in the fridge the next time you're looking to do some late-night condiment experimentation after an evening of boozing.