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You Won’t Find this Funnel Cake at Any Carnival

French Laundry​ alum and Otium chef Timothy Hollingsworth puts the 'fun' back into 'funnel cake.'

by Munchies Staff
Oct 6 2017, 7:00pm

Why make an easy funnel cake when you can make a soigné funnel cake?

For French Laundry alum and Otium chef Timothy Hollingsworth, an authority on both types of funnel cake, it's a chance to elevate a humble carnival food to the level of gastronomy.

When Hollingsworth came to our garden and test kitchen, he headed straight for the deep fryer and poured a light, airy batter into hot oil, creating a puffy cloud of carnie fun. But for a chef of his pedigree, the fun didn't stop there.

RECIPE: Soigné Funnel Cake

Hollingsworth went wild in the MUNCHIES garden, picking flowers and berries to his heart's delight. But the star of the show here is the adhesive between the funnel and the garnish. Hollingsworth blurs the line between dessert and savory here by applying a rich chicken mousse packed with chicken liver, heavy cream, and Madeira.

Soigné indeed.

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