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It's Monday, January 7th And Celebrities Ate Ham Sandwiches at the Golden Globes

Plus, what to buy if you really love Nutella, and more food news to start your week off right.

by Hannah Keyser
Jan 7 2019, 4:30pm

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Welcome to Off-Menu, where we'll be rounding up all the food news and food-adjacent internet ephemera that delighted, fascinated, or infuriated us this morning.


  • Last night was the 76th Golden Globe Awards—I watched without headphones on an airplane, so the only reaction I have is that Sandra Oh looked amazing and should have had even more outfit changes—which means this morning the news outlets want us to know that Celebrities Are Just Like Us: They Eat Sandwiches "wrapped in their own plastic packaging." I'm not sure I buy that Melissa McCarthy had to "sneak" the ham sandwiches into the award show or "secretly hand them out" but, sure.
  • The red carpet portion of the evening introduced us to Tyra Banks-level smize of the Fiji Water Girl.

Of course she has already been identified and interviewed (my GOD the internet works fast) which was probably the point. I bet all this exposure lands the model-slash-actress from Toronto a role as Hot 30-Something Who Plays A High School Villainess In A CW Show.

Not News

Petty food theft is not worth headlines that inevitably make the perpetrators out to be punchlines.

Something Nice

Would love to go to this place with a big group and have everyone take their time deadpanning orders by their full name. "That's one Graduated-High-School-Woohoo, and two Moved-From-Sicily-to-Wonderful-Bologna-Angelo's-First-Time-Living-Away-From-His-Family-s."

Buy This Bucket

Nutella bucket

This 6.6-pound bucket of Nutella has been available at Costco for a while now but it says SOMETHING about the state of the world that we're all talking about it right now.

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