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Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, January 2019

Happy new year, Aquarius!

by Annabel Gat
Dec 28 2018, 4:58pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

It’s Capricorn season, Aquarius, and though it's not the most cheerful time of year for you since you’re so exhausted, but the bright side is that you're worn out from spending time with your many friends! That’s the funny thing about you Aquarius: You’re a loner and a rebel, yet you are in—and deeply care about—so many friend circles that the holidays can be rough in terms of getting enough rest and treating your body right. The sun meets Saturn on January 2—Saturn is the planet of responsibility, so this is the time to recover and be good to yourself!

Communication planet Mercury connects with your ruling planet Uranus on January 4, bringing you exciting news. This is a wonderful day to plan a meeting, share ideas, or brainstorm on a project you’re working on—eureka moments abound! Something unexpected might be said, and perhaps it will stir up some drama, but such is life! Also on January 4, Mercury enters Capricorn, which will shift the energy to a quieter one after you partied your butt off during the holidays. You’ll find yourself thinking less with your logical mind and more with your senses and your intuition.

Diving into your spiritual practice and connecting with your shadow self is a major theme this month, Aquarius. Mercury will urge you to communicate with your inner voice, and the solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 will mark a turning point in how you approach spirituality—things like your psychic development, dream work, or work with your subconscious, to more mundane things, like your relationship to sleep, and practical things like the ways you sabotage yourself.

In some ways, this eclipse asks you questions that cannot be answered—it lands in the sector of your chart that rules mysteries, and while secrets are sure to be probed and some understanding is likely to be gleaned, it’s the nature of life that once one a mystery is solved, another is surely around the corner. Big endings are taking place now, and seeds for a new beginning are being planted. My best advice? Rest! The restoration of sleep, and the messages brought by your dreams, will guide you through the journey that is this solar eclipse.

2018 was a year of back-to-back retrogrades, but early 2019 finds the planets moving forward in the sky for a few solid weeks once your ruling planet, Uranus, ends its retrograde on January 6. With Uranus moving forward, you’ll likely notice some surprises pop up in your neighborhood. Unexpected news is likely to come, too. If you have siblings, this would be a good time to check in with them. Unexpected traffic or issues with your car, bike, or bus route could also come up, so keep things flexible while unruly Uranus changes direction in the sky. Other days to watch out for surprising news: January 18, when the sun clashes Uranus, finding us all in a very impulsive mood (you may find yourself doing something very unexpected, especially if you have not been getting the rest that you need this month), and January 23, when Mercury also squares off with Uranus.

Sweet Venus enters adventurous, fiery Sagittarius on January 7, bringing a big boost to your social life! This is a wonderful opportunity to network—socially or professionally. In your love life, now is the time to reconnect on an intellectual level. If you haven’t introduced a lover to your friends but want to, Venus in Sagittarius is a great opportunity to do this, dear water bearer. You tend to attract very boisterous characters, and Venus in rowdy Sagittarius will find you having fun with all of them.

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Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13, for the first of three times this year, which will challenge you to stay grounded in issues concerning cash and self-worth. This is absolutely not the time to place bets. If something sounds too good to be true—run! Most Aquarians are an equal blend of book smart and street smart, but getting swindled can happen to anyone and if you find yourself in a situation that’s less than ideal, take it as a lesson—and if you find yourself beating yourself up over it, try to be gentle with yourself and reach out to someone who has been there, done that, and can lend an ear. Again, this will happen three times in 2019, so get real about money, your worth, and don’t over-idealize opportunities that come your way.

The sun enters your sign, Aquarius, on January 20—blessed solar return! This is going to be a big birthday for you: a super moon, lunar eclipse in Leo arrives on January 21, which will be major for your relationships (romantic and otherwise!). Finding yourself more exhausted than usual? I told you: time to get more rest! Typically, the sun reentering your sign would find you revitalized, but eclipses are draining emotionally and physically—and this one will be especially so. A massive climax in your relationships is here. Big breakups are taking place, but the heavens are also placing you in fated situations, putting you on the path you are meant to be on. Stressful communications are likely to take place due to fiery Mars clashing with Saturn on the day of the eclipse, January 21. Boundaries are tested and rules are reinforced. You might be challenged to answer a question you don’t know how to answer yet—it’s okay to say, I don’t know. A lot is in the air! The energy shifts on January 22, when lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter meet, making for a fantastic day in your social life.

Mercury enters your sign, Aquarius, on January 24 and meets with the sun on January 29. You’ll be thinking more clearly with the planet of the mind in your sign, and as Mercury aligns with the sun, you too will be able to align your head with your heart. On January 31, Saturn connects with Neptune, encouraging flexibility—and responsibility—when it comes to communication. It’s a fine time to have a serious talk about a sensitive issue. January asks a lot of you, but you will have to refuse some of the calls—you simply need to rest! Endings are taking place, but it’s a new year and the planets are full speed ahead once Uranus goes direct on January 6. Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in February!

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