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The Cat Is Dead: Enjoy These Three Music Videos About Theoretical Physics

Backreaction's Sabine Hossenfelder​ offers a synthwave tour of the hard questions.

by Michael Byrne
Jun 19 2017, 10:00am

I really like Sabine Hossenfelder's writings about quantum physics at her blog Backreaction, but I have to confess I've been somewhat out of the physics loop for a few months. In the interim, I missed not one but three new music videos featuring Hossenfelder's music and explanations. They're musical physics explainers that come with short non-musical explainers at the end of each video. Topics include quantum entanglement, virtual particles, and relativity.

The videos were funded in part by grants from the Foundational Questions Institute, which also partially funds Hossenfelder's research on spacetime defects. Enjoy.

For those seeking something a bit heavier, check out Cavity's "Supercollider."

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