Zeno Amsel's "Sea Cucumber" is Dank and Squirmy Techno

Hear a track from the Texas producer's debut EP, 'Enzo Trax,' out June 30 on Lobster Theremin.

Jun 26 2017, 7:11pm

Houston producer Zeno Amsel has shared a jittery new track off his upcoming debut EP on Lobster Theremin, Enzo Trax.

"Sea Cucumber" is pleasantly woozy techno that strikes an enervating balance of gnarled and crisp production values. Its unquantized bassline has a certain wiggling effect, which, paired with some dynamic knob twiddling in the harmonic mid-range, gives the track a compellingly squirmy quality.

The Texas artist told THUMP about the song's psychedelically cosmic backstory over email. "I drew inspiration from the immense variety of forms in the universe," he said. "I imagined dark, dank, no-name clubs where anonymous revelers embrace their identity as specs in the infinity of existence."

Enzo Trax will be released on June 30, and is available for pre-order.

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