Donald Trump Just Won't Stop Beefing with Trudeau

It’s not looking like this little squabble will be slowing down anytime soon.

by Mack Lamoureux
Jun 12 2018, 4:44pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

President Donald Trump appears to be angry that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wouldn't let Canada be bullied by the United States.

“I get into Air Force One, the television’s on, and I see a news conference being given by the prime minister of Canada,” Trump said in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “And I said, ‘Oh, that’s nice, Justin’s giving a’—And then he talked about how they won't be bullied. And I said ‘What’s this all about? He didn’t do that to my face, what’s this all about?’”

This is just the latest revelation in an ongoing squabble between the two countries. On one side of the ring we have Justin Trudeau armed with trademark Canadian passive aggression saying “Canadians: We’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around.” On the other, we have Trump being extremely mad online, calling Trudeau “meek and mild” and “very dishonest and weak” on Twitter.

It’s not looking like the little squabble is slowing down anytime soon with Trump saying, at a press conference about North Korea, that Trudeau’s comments pushing back on Trump’s threatened tariffs will come to haunt the people of Canada. “That’s going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada. He learned. You can’t do that. You can’t do that,” Trump said on Tuesday. Shortly after Trump then praised the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, saying that he and the man who has committed countless war crimes have a "special bond.

“His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor,” Trump told Stephanopoulos. “They have a great fervor,” Trump said. “They’re going to put it together, and I think they’re going to end up with a very strong country.”

Fun stuff.

It’s revealing to see what exact words pissed Trump off—the refusal to be bullied. Essentially, what we have here is the geopolitical equivalent of a bully being pissed off that one of their targets decided to stand up to him—so he’s doubling down. It’s all following the exact same course as it would in seventh grade. We also have Trump’s posse going after the Canadian leader, with former US ambassador to Canada Peter Navarro saying there is a “special place in hell” for leaders like him. (Navarro has since apologized.)

Now that we have our base point of how this threatened trade war got going, we can see how it is going to play out. One: This whole thing ends up with Trump proudly sitting on Justin’s stomach and doing the whole “stop hitting yourself” thing as his advisors stand around cheering and hitting on girls a couple grades lower than them. Two: Trudeau goes full angry kid rage mode like that Australian kid who body slammed his bully in that viral video a few years ago and he is invited on Ellen.

There’s also the chance that all this trade war leads to serious action that in turns creates a negative, if not disastrous, impact on working Americans and Canadians but it’s best not to think about that.

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