5 out 5 Moms Agree: Messi is the Best

The Argentina star shocked a reporter who gave him a good luck charm from his mother and showed him he wore it during the win against Nigeria.

by Sean Newell
Jun 28 2018, 5:41pm

Screen capture via @MascheranoStats

Messi is awesome—we all know this—but, did you also know that Messi is the best? After Argentina's draw against Iceland on June 16, a reporter offered Messi a red ribbon from his mother, which he said was a good luck charm. "My mom loves you more than she loves me," he said. Messi, smiling like a goddamned saint, accept the lucky charm with instructions from the reporter to keep it safe. It was from his mother, after all.

Fast forward to the aftermath of Tuesday's game against Nigeria, which saw Argentina through to the round of 16 (and Maradona seemingly cheat death (again)), and the reporter was back to ask about the little token from his mom. Messi knocked his socks off.

Aside from the gobsmacked response, my favorite part of this is the guy getting just a little greedy and asking whether Messi scored with the boot he had the ribbon stashed in—Messi told him, unfortunately, that it was the other foot—and then immediately realizing that this was already a huge win for him and his mom, saying "well, doesn't matter."

h/t Deadspin

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