Jay Ellis Tells Desus and Mero About His 'Insecure' Sex Scene Going Viral

The actor talked to Desus and Mero about Twitter, getting naked for HBO, and being a #LaurenceHive loyal.

by Sarah Bellman
Aug 4 2017, 1:46pm

Few shows get fans as riled up as Insecure, the HBO brainchild of Issa Rae. With every new episode, folks across social media share their impassioned views on each character. If there's one defining characteristic of a Insecure fan, it's whether they belong to the Laurence Hive or the Issa Hive.

On Thursday's Desus & Mero, Laurence himself—actor Jay Ellis—stopped by to talk about his polarizing character and being a part of the show's most notorious sex scene, which Twitter overanalyzed for days, sometimes to Jay's chagrin. Desus and Mero grilled him on it—and thankfully, he was a good sport about it all.

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