Watch Aaron Paul Furiously Recap All of 'Breaking Bad' in Two Minutes

Let Jesse Pinkman catch you up before 'El Camino' hits Netflix on Friday.
October 10, 2019, 3:55pm
Aaron Paul
screenshot via Jimmy Kimmel

On Friday, Netflix will finally release El Camino, the long-awaited Breaking Bad sequel movie that somehow managed to finish production earlier this year without anyone even knowing it began. The movie is bringing back everyone from Jesse Pinkman to Mike Ehrmantraut to Skinny Pete and Badger but the whole thing begs one kind of important question—what even happened in the end of Breaking Bad, anyway?

The series ended all the way back in 2013. We've gotten so many Westeros political history factoids and Succession raps to clutter our minds in the meantime that, uh, it's almost hard to remember what happened in that final season. There was a train robbery, right? And Jesse was trapped in a hole? And then Walt rescued him with a robot machine gun or something?

Well, worry not, everybody! Aaron Paul graciously swung by Jimmy Kimmel to recap all five seasons of Breaking Bad for us before we dive into El Camino—and did it all in under three minutes. Just watch:

"So there's this chemistry teacher named Walt who gets cancer. His wife, Skyler, is pregnant, and his son, Walt Jr., really loves breakfast," Paul begins, before launching into how Walt meets Jesse and starts cooking meth in a Winnebago while Jesse "says 'Bitch!' a lot."

From there, Paul covers everything from how Jesse falls "in love with Jessica Jones" to "the scary chicken man" to Marie's love of the color purple and how they killed that fly that one time, until "Hank figures out Walt is actually Heisenberg while taking a shit." OK, uh, maybe this isn't the most helpful recap, but it's only two-and-a-half minutes long. What did you expect?

"Spoiler alert," Paul continues. "Hank dies, Mike dies, Lydia dies, my new girlfriend dies, I get kidnapped by neo-Nazis, the Nazis die because Walt kills them with a cool robot gun in the trunk of his car because, again, 'Science, bitch,' then Walt dies while I drive away in an El Camino which is also the name of the movie where this all picks up."

Get it? Got it? Good. El Camino hits Netflix Friday, October 11, hopefully with at least a little bit of ghostly Walter White action. Until then, watch Paul's recap above.