We Asked Some Teenagers What We Should Be Listening to in 2018

These are all actually really, really good.
January 16, 2018, 3:32pm

It's January. Also known as that frigid time of year when the mold in your flat is starting to look like unreported alien life forms. When you’re too broke to go out so you sit in your bed eating pizza and half-watching ASMR videos through one shriveled stoned eye. When this was supposed to be the time you finally “sort out your life” and do that podcast you’ve been speaking about but it’s just too cold right now and you have no energy after 2PM anyway and maybe you’ll do it in March. It’s also 2018, which means it’s worse than most Januarys, historically, apart from maybe 1350, which is when the black plague happened.

So what do we do when times are shitty? We look to young people to fix it, obviously, because they have more vitality than the rest of us and know things that we don't. And what gives us more happiness than anything else because it is both joyous and everlasting? Yes, music.

With that in mind, we thought we should combine these two factors (the wisdom of youth and the joy of music) in order to help us get through January 2018 and the rest of the year. And so I got in touch with a bunch of teenagers to see if they could tell me exactly what songs I should be listening to right now. Here's what they recommended.


Noisey: What songs should we be listening to in 2018?
Camilla: Well “Motorsport” by Migos featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is a song that I won’t get tired of anytime soon. It’s kind of symbolic in a way regarding Nicki and Cardi. It shows that even though people are determined to create a wedge between you, you can go against all the odds and create something so beautiful and still be queens whilst doing it.

True. Although I did think “Motorsport” was quite mediocre.
To be honest, it is, but it was a moment for female empowerment.

Any other songs you’re feeling?
That new “Greenlight” song by Young T and Bugsey. I feel like this year is another year to show off UK music and really demonstrate our style and them dropping this song makes it seem as if 2018 won’t be that bad after all.


Noisey: What songs do you think can make 2018 more bearable?
Dylan:Blatant Truth” by Big Zuu. It has such lyrical greatness whilst keeping it grime-y and skippy and it gives a positive message for the listeners and youth. Along with its melody, it’s a very uplifting song as well.

Any other songs that lift your mood as well? 2018, we’re all about positivity.
Tropical” by SL. It just shows that being from the hood doesn’t necessarily mean you have to articulate that in your music, it’s different to the traditional ‘drill music’ and at such a young age, he is pioneering a new style which is very inspirational for an upcoming rapper such as myself.


Noisey: So what song is currently helping you get through 2018 and could help us too?
Tilly:Let Me Down” by Jorja Smith and Stormzy. To merge her sound with Stormzy’s was basically pure genius and creates a different vibe to her music but still retains her originality.

What about when you’re going through those rough days?
Rack Up” by Sam Wise. It just really touches my soul and creates another outlet to release my anger against the world. The amazing beat makes me want to punch someone.

Is 2018 already going that bad for you?
Every year is bad for me, I’m a teenager.


Noisey: So what should we be listening to this year?
House of Pharaohs. Their song “Run with Me” gets the people going. Their sound is very refreshing and they’re like a breath of fresh air on the scene.

Do you think everyone else will like them as much as you do?
Of course, there’s no one like them in the UK right now. They’ve got longevity.


Noisey: Any new tracks we should be listening to in 2018?
Ethan: Definitely. I'm currently obsessed with Brockhampton. Their song “Bleach” will really make everyone see their full potential. This song encapsulates all of their different abilities—from singing to rapping, to having banging beats.

How is this song going to help you and us get through the year?
It takes me to another planet; it makes me think of better days and forget about my current shitty problems.

I would also like to run away from my shitty problems—have you got another song to help me do that?
Pick It Up” by Famous Dex featuring A$AP Rocky. No matter what mood I’m in, this song makes me dance. The beats, the lyrics, even the little cameo from Rick James. It all entices me.

BOWA, 19

Noisey: What song is going to help you and everyone else get through 2018?
A Lot On My Back” by Yung Fume. The title speaks for itself. When you’re going through a rough patch, it helps elevate your mood immediately. Absolutely sensational.

Any new artists you’re feeling right now?
H.E.R. Her cover of “Jungle” reminds me of someone…if you know what I mean.


TOMI, 18

Noisey: What song are you feeling right now?
Tomi: That “Finesse” Remix by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B. It brings that 90s vibe that we all miss and some form of nostalgia can always make you feel better.

But you were born in '99?
Yes, but I can still enjoy things.

Fair. Any other songs that should make this year better?
Crew” by Goldlink featuring Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz. I feel like this song will never die. It’s already a timeless classic and has such a nice vibe. I feel like this song will be played until the end of time.

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