Valentine's Day Cards to Strike Terror into the Hearts of Your Loved Ones

Instead of investing in a corporate greeting card this season, try one of these.

by Elizabeth Renstrom
Feb 13 2019, 9:29pm

Lia Kantrowitz, VICE's very own senior editorial designer, and Kelsey Niziolek, an illustrator, co-run a clothing brand called Sunday School. Together, they peddle out an assortment of clever T-shirts, art prints, and bags. Ahead of Valentine's Day, they wanted to do a series inspired by the cards you get at CVS as a kid to give out to your friends. (You know the ones.) However, they chose to update these for adults and use vintage Hallmark Valentine's as the inspiration. Each artist did a handful of designs using the same border and colors to keep the full set consistent. The final product is a glorious pack of notes poking fun at the dark melodrama of a holiday that drives most of us insane.

All photographs by Elizabeth Renstrom.

You can follow Sunday School here and here.


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