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VICE News Week In Review: Stories to Pocket This Weekend

From the Ukraine dilemma to the crippling student debt crisis, here is a look at some of the top stories from VICE News this week.

by VICE News
Apr 18 2014, 7:50pm


We thought you might like it if we gathered up some of this week's best stories and videos for your Easter-4/20 weekend. Burn well, bunnies.

The Greatest Hits from Vladimir Putin's Q&A

At least he has no interest in annexing Alaska — too cold.

The US is Using its Youth as a Credit Card

The government is projected to profit from student loan debts over the next ten years — to the tune of $127 billion.

Genetically Modified Mosquitos Will Guard the World Cup Against Dengue

The future of public health is here, and it’s just in time for the World Cup.

What it's Really Like to be One of The Silk Roads Biggest Drug Lords

Dread Pirate Roberts captained a ship that many thought was unsinkable. But when the FBI seized the original Silk Road on October 1, 2013 and arrested the alleged kingpin — 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht — the online drug empire began to capsize.

In Photos: Ukraine Launches 'Counter Terrorism' Mission

Pro-Russia forces are now in control of several cities in the eastern part of Ukraine. Kiev is starting to fight back, and we have photos.

Meet the Kurdish Motorcycle Gang Helping Kurdish Refugees in Iraq

International aid, delivered on a soft-tail.

The Workers Who Make Your Sneakers are Mad as Hell

The people that make your Adidas, Nike, and Reebok sneakers have been protesting in China this week over unpaid social security and housing benefits for workers.

In Photos: Jihadis at Battle in Afghanistan

Incredible photos from nearly 30 years of jihadis at war.

Russian Roulette: Invasion of the Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty-Seven)

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky interviewed troops deployed in the operation at the border between Kharkiv and Donetsk, while the Ukrainian military launched an anti-terrorist operation to quell the pro-Russia violence and unrest that has swept eastern Ukraine.

Russian Roulette: Invasion of the Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty-Six)

Pro-Russia protesters made international news this week when they stormed and captured a police station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Horlivka. As the mob captured the station, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky followed them in.