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DJ Khaled Loves Skepta and Giggs with the Warmth of Actual Family

Mentioning hopes for a collab, here's more evidence that Khaled is the world's most enthusiastic man.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jun 29 2017, 1:45pm

DJ Khaled's features-centric album Grateful was released last Friday, and in between supporting the record's executive producer Baby Asahd at all his promotional appearances, Khaled chatted about it to DJ Semtex for BBC 1Xtra, in an interview that will be broadcast this Friday night.

In an online clip of their chat, Khaled enthuses about his fandom of Skepta and Giggs, saying that he'd "love to work with" them. By the way DJ Khaled talks about Skepta and Giggs, you would think they were his literal family members, such is the depth of his largely expressed admiration. See for yourself:

Being interviewed outside his mansion next to his cars (because if there's one thing Khaled loves, it's stunting), Khaled talks about how he got into the two rappers:

"Listening to Drake's albums, and, you know, watching Giggs on his Snapchat doing his shows, y'know, made me wanna listen more, you know what I mean? And they really dope! [...] And I would love to work with Giggs [...] and Skepta"

Just as a quick thought experiment I would like you to think about the thing you like most in the world, and if you've got a willing friend, talk for them for 30 seconds about your most-loved thing. I bet you're still nowhere near as excited about it as DJ Khaled is about Skepta and Giggs, two men he has presumably never met. People say that you should approach the world with the wonder of a child, but to be honest those people have never seen DJ Khaled talking about anything. At any rate, I would welcome this collab, because it would inevitably be flames.

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(Image via BBC 1Xtra on Twitter)