A Two-Second Interview with the Sleepy Vikings at SXSW

The Sleepy Vikings are fun and good.

The Sleepy Vikings were one of the bands that emailed me after I posted that thing about not wanting to hang out with Asshole Columbus, or whatever the hell big band everyone was chasing around at SXSW, but rather spend time with people who make great music and are not douche lords. The email they sent in was real sweet and also mentioned towards the end that there were two lesbos in the band, but in trying to pre-guess which two were the designated lesbos, I guessed WRONG! And no, I'm not gonna tell you which ones like vagina because guess what, music has nothing to do with vaginas, and everything to do with attracting vaginas. See what I did there?

The Sleepy Vikings are from Tampa, Florida and the guy in the band is married to the hot lead singer in the band. They played a cover of Danzig's "Mother" which was so good it made me spill beer on myself.

After their set we sat down for dinner together and while we were waiting to be seated I somehow dropped my ring into my beer and then thought it would be normal and good to reach in (to a full beer) and try to fish it out. Beer went everywhere and I was all set to be like "whatever, fuck this beer that's all over the place now. I don't give a shit," but then one of my new friends got some paper towels and wiped it up. 

While we ate, we talked about our hopes and dreams, and also played a fun game where you write down a sentence, fold over the sentence, pass the paper to the person next to you, and then they have to draw what you wrote. Everything I tried to draw looked like autism, but we all had a great time and shared many laughs. See:

This interview actually was nowhere near two-seconds long, and was closer to about two hours. I tape recorded the whole thing but when I went to play it back all I could hear was hysterical laughter and me sounding drunk. So let's just all collectively imagine fun things happening and being said, and that will be the interview.

Here is the website for The Sleepy Vikings. Go see their shows and buy their music.

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