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Alice Glass Has Spoken Out Further About Her Former Bandmate Ethan Kath

In an interview with The Daily Beast, her first since Kath sued her for defamation, Alice Glass states "I refuse to be intimidated by him."

by Lauren O'Neill
Feb 19 2018, 2:49pm

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Last October, solo artist Alice Glass, formerly of Crystal Castles, alleged that the reason she had left the band was due to sustained abuse against her by her bandmate Ethan Kath. Kath denied the allegations at the time, stating via his attorney that the claims were "pure fiction," and continuing "I am consulting my lawyers as to my legal options."

In November, Kath served Glass with a defamation lawsuit. In a statement provided to TMZ, he said "I will continue to support her quest to wellness but I can't support extortion, false claims, and accusations put forth after the band attained new success without her."

Following the news of the lawsuit, Glass released a song entitled "CEASE AND DESIST" in apparent reference to it. At the time, she called it "a call to arms for all survivors." And now, in a new interview with The Daily Beast, she has discussed the situation as it currently stands, stating "I refuse to be intimidated by him [Kath]." She adds:

Things didn’t work out the way he thought they would, which would be me just cowering and crying in a little ball. He doesn’t know me anymore and I’m not a little girl anymore.

According to The Daily Beast, Glass is confident that the lawsuit will be dismissed, due to the veracity of her claims: "You shouldn’t be able to waste everyone’s time and money to have a lawsuit that I’m going to win," she states.

The report also adds that The Daily Beast has received confirmation from the Toronto Police Service that Ethan Kath is the subject of an open investigation by their Sex Crimes unit, following allegations by four other women alongside Glass. When asked to comment by The Daily Beast, Kath's attorney stated that he had advised his client not to speak on the allegations, though he added:

I would like to note that my review of the statements of these persons show that their allegations are untrue, misleading, and made solely with the intent to support the false and defamatory comments of the Defendant. It is not a coincidence, especially in light of the ages of the alleged acts, that these individuals are only coming forward now.

It should also be stated that my client has not engaged in sex acts with anyone under the age of consent and failure to state such will force us to take any and all legal actions available in order to clear my client’s name.

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