Burger King Manager Goes Ballistic on Customer Who Took Too Long to Order

Asking if you can speak with a manager only works if the manager isn’t screaming at you.

Nov 29 2017, 7:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart

A confrontational fast food worker met her match last week in a Heath, Ohio Burger King.

A video posted on Facebook opens with customer Elizabeth Ramsey, who uploaded the clip, yelling, “We were ordering food!” at a Burger King manager. Without missing a beat, the managers responds, “What kind of fucking parents are you?” The proverbial gloves come off, and we've got a good ol' fashioned fast food quarrel on our hands.

The clip climaxes, arguably, when the manager goes full Gordon Ramsay and shouts, “I don’t give a fuck! Get the fuck out of here!” arms flailing, like a cartoonish scene from Hell’s Kitchen. This vulgar, heated exchange in such a mundane setting was destined for virality, and has now been seen more than 330,000 times on Facebook.

But, as is the case with most confrontations caught on smartphones, context is everything, and one of the things that makes this video special is that, unlike most fast food fights, it was captured in the morning. According to ABC6 and her Facebook post, Ramsey was in the car with her husband, one of his co-workers, and two kids. Anyone who’s been in the driver’s seat while relaying an order to a drive-thru speaker for that many people knows how chaotic that process can be.

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"Before I ordered mine, she said, 'Hurry up,' and I was like, 'What did you say'?" Ramsey told ABC6. Clearly Ramsey was taking no bullshit that morning, and the usual route of “Can I talk to the manager, please?” was unavailable, as her rival was, well, the manager. Left to her own (handheld) devices, Ramsey promptly entered the restaurant with her whole crew from the car, ready to deliver a verbal smackdown and record it for our viewing pleasure.

Ramsey’s husband can also be heard threatening to call corporate in the background, and, ABC6 reports, the couple got “an apology and gift card” for their troubles. As for the manager, an ABC6 reporter went to the restaurant and was told that, "she was unavailable."

MUNCHIES reached out to Burger King to get an update on the situation but has not yet received a response.