Cardinals' Adam Wainwright Pulls Off Expert-Level Troll on Skip Schumaker

The St. Louis Cardinal pulled off an elite prank on his former teammate, who is now the coach for the San Diego Padres.
June 14, 2018, 6:29pm
Photo via Twitter / @dgoold

No locker room is safe—not even one in your former stadium. Skip Schumaker used to play for the St. Louis Cardinals, but is now a coach with the San Diego Padres. And his old teammate Adam Wainwright wasn't about to let him forget where he came from.

Wainwright, who is already in a prank battle with his teammate Matt Carpenter, has been honing his skills because goddamn, did he ever dunk on Schumaker. Basically, Schumaker was in uniform all night for the game, but little did he realize, someone snuck into the locker room, nabbed his white polo shirt, added Wainwright's name and number to the back in Cardinals red, and replaced it as if nothing happened. Schumaker came back to quite the surprise:

On the numbers, Wainwright wrote, "To Skip, my biggest fan. Now we're even." Then signed the damn thing. Genius.

According to NBC, Wainwright got help from the people who handle the Cardinals' uniforms. And how did they elude security? A good pranker never reveals their secrets. Schumaker better have something good up his custom-Wainwright-polo sleeves if he wants to top this one.

[h/t Derrick Goold]